Creating Creates Creativity

One of the blessings I've had as a writer is that I've never lacked for creativity or ideas. I've had days that were not just days where I could bear to write or create, but I've never had a lack of creativity.

I know I'm lucky.

But there's no secret to being able to do this: be creative all the time.

The truth is, creativity feeds creativity. There's this concept that there's a creative void from which all ideas originate. This "void" is a negative space, literally from nothing comes something. It's the creative well.

We know from physics that no energy can be created or destroyed only changed. This is the same with the creative void. The void, is just raw energy. When you create something, it leaves room for more creative energy.

But Mikki, you say, what about writer's block?

Look, I've never had writer's block and I doubt I ever will. Why? Because the key is to never create more than than you can replenish. Energy, especially creative energy, is a mumbling, foot-shuffling thing. It doesn't just "appear" ready to work in infinite amounts. You have to wait for the energy you will use to create with to become ready for use.

Think of it in solar panel ways. Solar panels collect energy for your home so long as they are exposed to sunlight. An overcast day may slow this collection because clouds (something other than a solar panel) is using the sunshine. So your battery cannot store as much energy therefore there is not as much energy to use.

So how do you refill your creative well and keep your battery charged?

Self-care. I don't mean big, immersive moments, or an entire day. Creativity must have balance. If you don't have balance you will be blocked (see anything on chakras).

It's in the small things:

* like taking a bath with a bath bomb and reading

* building a fire and roasting a marshmallow and listening to nature

* going on a walk

* sitting on your back porch for 10 or 15 minutes

It doesn't take much.

Being creative in a different way will refill your creative well. You could learn a musical instrument and learn a new song. Take up wood-carving. Learn to paint. In this alternate hobby creativity, don't get too serious. Writing is serious enough. Just do it. Don't hesitate, don't judge, just go for this other creativity. This other creativity is just for you and for your creativity.

Praying increases your spirituality, but you were spiritual before you started praying. It is the same with creativity.

Here's what I personally do to maintain my creativity.

I took up oil painting. And I thought it would be hard. IT IS NOT. I love it. Oil painting is simply joyful. It's also not super expensive if you wait for the craft stores to put their supplies on sale. Usually at the end of spring and during the Christmas season.

I ride my horses. During the winter, this can be difficult. It's cold, miserable, muddy, and neither me or the horses are happy with anything. So I do most of my riding during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

I also play video games. This seems counter intuitive to creativity, but exploring someone else's world is never a bad idea.

Now think of what you can do to be creative. Then go do it, and don't worry. Your creative well will take care of its self, you just need to create to feed your creativity.


Here's a short list of creative ideas that are not writing and will keep you present and feeding your creativity. Do as little or as much as you need to refill your well.

- egg painting

- pyrography (wood burning)

- natural sculpture (arranging sticks, leaves, and stones in mandalas)

- building a small wood project

- altoid tin crafts

- hand lettering

- rock painting or sculpture

- build a mini terrarium with mosses

- build a website (if you've noticed, I change mine a lot because I like re-designing it)

What do you do to fuel your creativity?