BOOK Round Up - Oct.-Dec. 2018

The year is finally ending and I'm behind on Book Roundup and for this reason I will recommend two books for each month. A quick reminder of the Rules of Roundup Recommendation:

Rules: In order for me to genuinely reccomend a book, it has to do several things:

1) pass the first line test.

2) pass the first page test.

3) be finishable.

If a book was put down at all and did not demand of me with all the power of the One Ring to finish reading, then it is not on this list. If your favorite book does not appear here, do not despair! These are only the best of the best that I have personally read recently and my tastes are very different from others out there.

October Recommends:

1) Proxy by Alex London.

Wow. This book is all "check out this entitled white guy" who never has to get punished for anything because he has this poor boy to take his punishments, and then watch them fall in love with each other. It's also a murder mystery, dystopian conspiracy. I'm recommending this because although I did read Alex's latest book, Black Wings Beating, I wanted to read more of what he's written and found this lovely gay gem.

2) Dietland by Sarai Walker.

This is a huge departure from what I normally read. But a big girl with a desire to fit into the prescribed body who ends up being part of a feminist vigilante group that throws rapists out of helicopters? Oh yeah, I'm all over that. Besides, this book will make you feel good about yourself. So read it.

November Recommends:

1) Vengeful: Villains, Book II by V.E. Schwab.

Y'all know I'm a Victoria fan, and probably this is a predictable recommend, except that its not. Somehow, Victoria takes about fifteen disparate threads and weaves them all together in this weird, villainous tapestry of bad people doing horrible things to each other, until when all seems lost--boom, not the hero you want but the hero you're going to get: Victor Vale. Or is it?

2) The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon

A girl cursed from a young age to never speak ends up becoming queen. I know this sounds cheesy, but it is fantastic. There are people who do magic, people who hate the people who do magic, and ultimately this story is a heartwarming hopeful tale about breaking the Us vs. Them cycle. It's also beautifully written. I highly recommend this for anyone needing relief from the 2018 political cycle.

December Recommends:

1) Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

This book was handed to me by a good friend and I read all the short stories inside in about one night. Everything Neil Gaiman writes is gold to me, solid gold, and this set of stories is also heartwarming android for those long winter's nights. Additionally, he was in my town a few weeks ago and I did not have the chance to go. I missed an opportunity, but please do not miss yours to pick up this set of stories and poems. I highly recommend it for the short story, October in the Chair.

2) The Greatest Knight by Thomas Asbridge

This is a history book unlike any you've ever chanced to meet. It tells the story of the remarkable life of William Marshal, the power behind five english thrones and also the inspiration for William from the movie A Knight's Tale! And no wonder. William Marshal defined what it meant to be a knight. He helped introduce chivalry and nobility to the greatest mounted warriors in Europe. It is also written in a way that isn't dry but entertaining. More like a really good documentary on the page and full of information both intriguing and remarkably valuable in modernity. Go forth and read it. You will thank me.

Young Adult Recommend for Fall:

I love YA books. I'm a YA writer. While, no YA books made the list for any of these months, I feel I need to add at least one for all of fall.

Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor

The way this author writes. Mmm. It is the stuff of dreams. Speaking of, this book is all about dreaming. It has romance, epic stories, and deep seated fears that are overcome. An excellent follow up to Strange the Dreamer, which I wasn't sure was possible.