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Published by Peculiar, A Queer Literary Journal 
Volume 3, Issue 1

"It was a cowboy sky edged with the brown malcontent of an entire people upset with it all that summoned her. It was the scent of smoke, earth, and eagle feathers already on the wind that called her specifically. But it was the choral hum and the beating of a skin drum that made her go." 

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Published by Leading edge Issue 69

I Love My Zombie Self

Poetry, published by Warp and Weave Journal
3rd Place Poetry Prize

Here! This is my rat, 

Josephine, living in my belly. 

Her little whiskers tickle my diaphragm. 

I am a laughing zombie. 

Need: Brains. Josephine needs your brain.

The maggots need it. 

Josephine needs a plentitude of brains. . . 

to keep her red eyes red. 

There's something chewing on my heart. 

Oh God, I can't feel regret. 

I feel--this man, his existence . . . 

his delicious brains are better than lemonade and vodka. 

More exotic than life. 

I shouldn't care about this stained shirt. His flesh is--


I spit. Spit. Cough. There's nothing but worms. 

What have I become? I worry about the numbness. 

Josephin tickles my diaphragm. 

Wiping my mouth with bones instead of fingers. 

What a joke, feeling anything. 

Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Josephine laughs and chitters. 

And I forget. I'm in love with myself again. 

My maggots are so greedy. They have eaten me.