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I am horse crazy. In the professional world, this is called being an "equestrian." If you follow me or ​have ever spoken to me, I've probably mentioned my horses! 
For inquiries about riding lessons or a training consult, contact me here. Please use the same contact if you are a member of a minority group and would like to learn more about an equestrian education. 

My Horses


Laurel is 22 years young, and a bit of a short horse at just over 14' hands tall. A fiery quarter horse mare, she loves to ride off property, and her favorite speed is fast. She loves jumping over obstacles and merely tolerates her dressage work. She was given to me by my grandmother when I was sixteen, and after sending me to the hospital, we finally decided to get along. My best friend, Laurel is my pride and joy, and my favorite horse to ride. 


Rain is sixteen years old and is basically a giant puppy. He stands at almost 16' hands tall and is a bit of a mountain to climb. Technically, he's a bay paint, but he does not act like it. Most equestrians ask me if he's a warmblood, or possibly some kind of thoroughbred cross and are surprised to find out his mother is Laurel! He is a handsome boy and is always happy to model for bridal or senior photos. He's my friendliest horse and always happy to do "community outreach", meeting little girls out on the road when we're on a trail ride. A deep thinker, he needs time to consider a scary situation before he can get over it. 

Baby Horse

Coming in May 2020, my grandmother's mare, Buttercup is pregnant with my future sport horse. I chose Buttercup as the mother because she is calm, personable, and has excellent confirmation. Besides, she is drop dead gorgeous!  Her baby will be a friesian sport horse, possibly a black horse, a bay horse, or a buckskin! So many choices it's almost painful to wait 11 months and 11 days for the foal to arrive! Baby Horse should arrive around April 23rd, 2020!
Friesian Sport Baby:
Mare: Buttercup a.k.a. Magic Sports Coat
Stallion: Douwke G. KFPS Ster from Excalibur Breeding
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